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Supporting an inclusive culture for game developers

What is GEM?

We are an initiative created to empower the games industry in southern Sweden to become an equal and inclusive place where everyone’s voice will be heard.

Supporting and empowering female game developers in southern Sweden.

Supporting game studios in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Creating a space for developers with lived experience of being perceived and met as women.

GEM is here to help YOU in your careers, so everyone has an

equal chance to shine and get your voice heard.

What does GEM do?

Here are just some of the things we at GEM will provide for you:

  • Lectures with industry professionals to motivate and inspire you.
  • Workshops and training to help improve your skills.
  • Fun events for you to network and socialize.
  • And much, much more…


Where many of our events are open to everyone, we also organize events for *women in games on a regular basis –          * including everyone working in or looking to work within games who share the lived experience of being perceived and met as women.

Who is GEM?

GEM is initiated by a group of developers, academics and game event experts, who care deeply about making this industry a safe and welcoming place for everyone. It is run by Game Habitat, with support from Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio, The Game Assembly, Avalanche Studios Group, Sharkmob, IO Interactive, Tarsier and King.

But, most importantly, GEM is all of you!

How do I get involved?

So glad you asked! GEM is about community and we can’t do that without, well… you!

So here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Join the GEM Discord | Attend our events | Sign up to Become a GEM! 

May it be as a volunteer, mentor, speaker or any other kind of supporter – we’d love for more people to get involved! 

Apply to Become a GEM via Discord, our main community channel!

Want to collaborate?

We recognize that inclusion and diversity are multifaceted areas and that safe spaces for all marginalized groups in the games industry is important. Therefore we are a supporting ally to other organisations and initiatives that work within these areas too! We’re always open for input and collaboration on our mission to make our games community & industry equal, diverse and safe for everyone – so please reach out if you are an organisation with ideas of how we can work together!

Connect with us!

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