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Game Habitat DevHub is a community-focused co-working and office building for game developers.

Whether you are an established studio looking for your new home, an indie developer looking for a place to hang or someone who’s just curious about the craft of making games, DevHub is the place for you! Here you can do what you love together with people who love what you do, learn new things and make new friends from the awesome game development community in southern Sweden. 

Our inhabitants

Something for everyone

DevHub offers flexible co-working solutions and offices for teams and studios as well as a community lunch area and event space, meeting rooms and even a sauna! We’re also working on providing game development specific functions like a game room, sound studio, focus testing, VR lab and more. 

Take a VR tour of the house over at 36noll.com



Whether you're a freelancer offering services, a student working on a project or a developer looking to start your own studio DevHub has something for you.

Private offices

DevHub has a number of rooms for 2-20 people. Get a desk in a private room, share with friends or expand to multiple rooms as your studio grows.

Community canteen

Enjoy lunch with your team, meet new friends or watch it transform into an event space where great industry speakers will take to the stage.


Each floor has its own lounges and areas where you can hang out, work or relax. With a Starter membership you can use these as your office for the day.

Meeting rooms

Need more space? Each floor has multiple meeting rooms in different shapes and sizes, fitting up to 20 people.

Relax area

To top it all off we have a dedicated relax area with changing rooms, showers and even a sauna!

Packages & pricing

DevHub is all about community. We want everyone who identifies as a game developer or who just wants to be part of our community to be able to use DevHub as their workspace. Our pricing model reflects this by offering flexible options. We hope you will find something for you!

For individuals


Our most basic offer, giving you access to shared co-working spaces and lounges on Level 2 during office hours.

1 400 kr / month

Fixed desk

Your own desk in a shared room, access to meeting rooms and 24/7 access to DevHub.

3 900 kr / month

For teams

Office: Small

Private office for 2-3 people, company name on the front door, post box and customization options.

From 8 000 kr / month

Office: Medium

Private office for 4-5 people, company name on the front door, post box and customization options.

From 16 000 kr / month

Office: Large

Private office for 6-8 people, company name on the front door, post box and customization options.

From 24 000 kr / month

Coffee and Wifi included in all packages. 

For studios

XL (20+)

Your own private open floor plan office for 20+ people and private meeting room. Includes access to meeting rooms and all community spaces. 12 months lease.

From 80 000 kr / month

DevHub Studio

Your own personalized and secure floor with room for upwards of 40 people. Includes access to meeting rooms and all community spaces. Need even more room? We'll help you out!

Contact us for details

DevHub is located in the heart of Malmö, 10 min walk from the central station and only 30 min from Copenhagen Airport

For partners


Host your external meetings and conferences at DevHub, and meet some new friends while you're at it!


Share insights and build awareness by hosting or sponsoring an event at the DevHub. Our event space can fit 100+ people.


As a partner you get visibility for everyone who's moving in and around the DevHub. It's a great way to get noticed.


Perhaps you need a desk once in a while, or want to have a casual meeting outside the office.


Give your team access to the shared DevHub facilities, like Community Canteen, lounges and Sauna. You're all part of the community!


Want your brand to be immortalised in the DevHub? Help us expand our offering by sponsoring gear for our special feature rooms.

Game Habitat Family

DevHub is part of Game Habitat. To become a DevHub member you also need to be a member of Game Habitat. Read more about our memberships here.