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South Sweden’s game development industry keeps growing rapidly new data shows

South Sweden’s regional game development industry keeps growing – more companies, more employees, and more women.

New public data compiled by the Swedish Games Industry is published today, the data shows continued rapid growth for south Sweden’s game development industry. Here are our three main take-aways:

  1. The number of companies in Skåne continues to grow, particularly outside of Malmö – doubling in only two years
  2. The number of employees in the region is record high – again, since 2011 when we started collecting data, employees has grown 15% annually on average 
  3. Last year saw record high regional profits, and even though profits fluctuates with game releases, it’s yet another positive

The figures in the image above reflect the state of the industry in 2022, as that’s the latest publicly available data. The figures only include offices and staff in south Sweden, in the regions Skåne and Blekinge, not subsidiaries or offices elsewhere in Sweden or in other countries. Figures for 2021 brackets.

Find the Swedish Games Industry’s report Game Developer Index 2023 with national figures here.