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Photos from the 10 year anniversary party

On September 13th, we celebrated our dual anniversaries with a bang, thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us! 

The celebrations consisted of two events actually. Earlier in the day we hosted a pre-event for a selected number of guests at our DevHub, reminiscing about the region’s game developer ecosystem’s journey so far, and looking ahead to try to predict what’s in store for the future. And then in the evening, we hosted a huge party for everyone in the game development industry, and anyone else who were interested to join. The party was held at Gränden, and when the door opened at 18.00, the queue meandered around the block – more than 400 people poured in the first half hour alone!

Huge shout-out, and big thanks to Raw Fury and Sharkmob who sponsored the event and made the amazing party possible!

Game Habitat celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and our coworking space DevHub, it’s 5th. But the day was also about looking ahead, to the next couple of years. And especially in the pre-event, the new vision with an increased focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion, was in focus. Find out more about some of our plans for the future here.

Even though we celebrated Game Habitat’s and DevHub’s anniversaries, we very much also want to recognize all the wonderful people in and around the region’s game development community, you’re obviously the key to all of its success – thank you for all that you’re doing! ❤️

We’re super excited about the community’s accomplishments so far, but we’re possibly even more excited about the years to come! So here’s to 10 more years of inclusive and diverse community building, creative exchanges and support, new friendships, great games, and fun times!

Pre-event at Game Habitat’s coworking space DevHub

Party at Gränden

P.S. For those developers and studios that sit at Game Habitat’s coworking space DevHub, we’ll see you for the DevHub dedicated anniversary party in October! And, yes, we currently have free office space at DevHub, so if you’re interested in renting, find out more and get in touch here.