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Introducing Måns Billing

We’re happy to welcome our newest colleague, Måns Billing! Måns joins Game Habitat as our new Talent Developer – welcome to the team Måns!

Måns joined Game Habitat on September 4. In his own words, this is what he has been up to before joining Game Habitat, and what his new job entails:

“Hi there, and nice to meet you!

I’m joining the Game Habitat as a Talent Developer, meaning I will work to develop both existing talent as well as future talent, with a big focus on kids and youth.

I have a background of doing a lot of different things related to game development. Before joining Game Habitat I was running things at Gameport, the game incubator and cluster in region Blekinge. I was also responsible for the project Game Development for Kids & Youth in Blekinge.

Previous to that, I worked as a game designer at the indie studio Forgotten Key, and I once owned a board game café in Karlshamn where I played a lot of Netrunner.

I live in the countryside in Skåne together with my family and about 50 apple trees.

I am really looking forward to getting to know a whole lot of new people, to open the world of game development to a new generation of game creators and do what I can to build a diverse, inclusive, and respectful game community in the south of Sweden.

/ Måns”