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Game Habitat is a community-focused non-profit organisation based in Malmö. As a member you play an important role in supporting the game development community in southern Sweden, and enable us to continue our work. Apart from the gratitude of all current and future game developers of southern Sweden you’ll also get access to exclusive events, offers and other opportunities, as well as have your company featured on our website and other channels. 

Our Guardians

Our Guardians are companies that make a significant contribution to our cause, allowing us to take Game Habitat to the next level, to do more and reach higher than ever before. 

Our members

Our membership tiers

If you believe in our cause and want to contribute to our mission, you should do like all of these great companies and become a member! We have four different membership tiers to choose from. Which is the right one for you depends on how much you can and want to contribute. We leave that decision in your hands! 

Ready to join the family?