About Game Habitat

Game Habitat is a community-focused non-profit organisation based in Malmö. We help create, nurture, and grow a thriving, supportive, and inclusive ecosystem for game development in southern Sweden. 

Our vision is for southern Sweden to be and be known as the best possible environment for everything and everyone related to game development

We enable companies, organizations, individuals, and the academic and public sectors to achieve their game development dreams and ambitions by eliminating obstacles, attracting opportunities, and supporting a world-class game development community.

Together with our family of members and our devoted community we organise events, meetups, talks and workshops and help studios go to international events. 

Our team

We may be a small organization, but we’ve got lots of friends! Besides the core team we also have volunteers, consultants and part-time workers who all contribute to our work. 

Peter Lübeck


Eliana Oikawa


Henning Eger

DevHub Operations

Our board

Consisting of representatives from AAA, mobile, B2B, investor, academia and the public sector, our board is a passionate and experienced group of people who believe in what we do. 

Jaana Nykänen

CEO at
Divine Robot

Martin Walfisz

Senior Partner at
Nordisk Film Games

David Nelson

Studio Head at
King Malmö

Alf Condelius

COO at
Ubisoft Massive

Steve Dahlskog

Senior Lecturer at
Malmö University

Victor Ollén

Process Manager at
Malmö Stad

Johannes Larsson

Art Teach at
The Game Assembly

Sara Ponnert

Studio Manager at
Avalanche Malmö