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Welcome to Visual Novel Jam 2022!

When: 5-6th of November

Where: Online on Discord and Zoom

Who: Anyone 15+

Create visual novels with us on the 5-6th of November! During the jam we’ll introduce making visual novels with Ren’Py. Participants will work on their projects alone or in a group. Anyone who’s interested and 15+ years old can apply – no experience required, experienced creators are welcome too.

Application is open until 27th of October. If you’re younger than 18 years old, your guardian/s need to fill out this form. Download, sign and e-mail back to us at address below!

Questions? See FAQ below or e-mail us at

Facilitators and lecturers

Bobbi A Sand

Bobbi A Sand

Bobbi A Sand works as a game designer and writer at Transcenders Media, and is the main facilitator throughout the jam. Bobbi holds sessions on the Ren'Py tool and provides guidance during the process.

Portrait image of Nathalie Barthelius

Nathalie Bartelius

Nathalie works as a freelance concept artist and illustrator, and is the main artist of the visual novel group ‘Rotten Raccoons’. Together they made the Aprils fools game “Flamebait Dating Sim” based on the indie studio Flamebait. Currently they are working on a new visual novel with a darker twist, “Obscura”.

Facilitator - TBA

More info soon!

Questions & Answers

There will most probably be both Swedish and English speaking participants. The intro lectures will therefore be held in English. But the groups decide for themselves which language to speak and write in, and the facilitators speak Swedish too, so guidance can be given in Swedish or English.

In which language will the game jam be held?

What will we do during the jam?

A game jam usually consists of creating a game in a short amount of time. In this case, we’re focusing primarily on getting started, since the jam only lasts for two days. We will introduce a tool for creating visual novels called Ren’Py. In this you can write scripts, enter choices that the player can make, as well as images and sounds. There are ready-made images and music that you’ll be able to use, or you can create your own material. During the jam, you can choose to participate in lectures to learn more. You’ll work on your own ideas, alone or in a group, and receive guidance from us facilitators.

A visual novel is a story-based game based on text,  images, sounds and scripting. The player can make choices that determine what happens in the story. Some well-known examples are Doki Doki Literature Club, Ace Attourney and Dream Daddy.

What is a Visual Novel?

Who can join?

If you are 15+ years old, you can apply to visual novel jam. There are a limited number of seats, so you’ll get to know further on if you were selected. If you’re younger than 18 years old, your guardian/s need to fill out this form. Download, sign and e-mail it back to us when you make your application. If you will be 15 during 2022, you can participate.

During the jam we will use various digital tools. Therefore, you need to have access to a computer where you can install applications. If you don’t have one, indicate this in your application. If you are accepted, we will contact you to try to resolve this with a borrowed computer.

Do I need a computer?