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Introducing Bobbi Augustine Sand

Game Habitat continues to grow!

We’re happy to announce that Bobbi Augustine Sand is joining the Game Habitat team as a Project manager for Game Habitat’s Kids & Youth initiative. We previously ran this as an external project, where Bobbi and Oscar Wemmert from Game Flame charted conditions and resources for game creation for kids and youth. Thanks to increased financial support from Region Skåne, we can now continue and develop this initiative even further!

Bobbi is an author and game designer, previously co-founding Ozma Games and currently running Transcenders Media, where they’ll continue developing story-based games, like Knife Sisters, part-time. When not working, renovating the house, or growing plants, Bobbi’s probably engaging in something Japanese: food, language, visual novels, anime, or manga.

We’re thrilled to have Bobbi join us as it enables us to expand our team with an experienced and skilled game designer and project manager and allows us to do more great work developing the conditions for the next generation of game developers. 

Feel free to reach out to Bobbi at in case you want to know more.

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