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Announcing Game Habitat

It’s time for a change.

After spending the past few years establishing Game City as the hub for game development in southern Sweden the time has come for us to take the next important step on our journey.

Our mission is to establish southern Sweden as the best possible environment for everything and everyone related to game development. We want to put our region on the map of everyone who’s looking to advance their career as game developers, start up their own studio or who’s looking for a world class game education.

Thanks to greatly increased funding from Malmö Stad and Region Skåne, as well as the immense support from the local game development community, we’re now better equipped than ever before to make this a reality.

However, we feel that our current name is no longer representative of who we are and what we’re striving towards.

Our name should clearly reflect our mission, represent our community and help us tell the story of what we’re creating here in southern Sweden.

That’s why we’re announcing today that we’re changing our name from Game City Southern Sweden to Game Habitat Southern Sweden.



Why Game Habitat?

If you look up the word habitat in a dictionary you get the following:


  1. the natural environment of an organism; place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism:
  2. the place where a person or thing is usually found

As in, southern Sweden is the habitat for game developers, which is precisely what we’re working towards creating for all of you.

So there you have it! As of now we’re going by the name Game Habitat Southern Sweden, which you’ll find to be reflected across all of our channels as of this week.

We’re here.

Say hi and keep up to date with our events and activities by following us here.

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